Tight Poker Strategy


Playing solid poker requires that you go to the table with an overall strategy in mind. If you arenít playing with a specific strategy in mind then this means you are just making random moves at the poker table. This is a sure way to losing money. Everything you do at the poker table should be done with an overall goal in mind. Every move you make should be playing to what youíve done in the past and what you plan on doing in the future. There is an infinite amount of variation that exist between any specific players overall strategy but most of these strategies fall under two main categories which are either tight or loose. In this article I will briefly go over just what exactly a tight playing strategy is and how it can be used to improve your odds of winning at the poker table.

Most players would compare a tight strategy as playing more conservatively. This is essentially correct. When you employ a tight strategy youíre essentially going to be participating in less hands but those hands that you do play are going to be of higher quality. Youíre also only going to be committing chips to the pot when you have a very strong feeling that you are leading in the hand. This is a strategy that is very friendly to beginner players since it is much easier to win with premium hands than it is to win with less than premium hands.

There are some distinct advantages and disadvantages to playing with a tight poker strategy. One of the advantages is that it is much easier to bluff using this technique. This is because you have established the persona that you are only going to play hands in which you have really good cards. So when you are putting a lot of chips into the pot the other players at the table are going to assume that you have something really good and are more likely to fold. Using this strategy also minimizes the risk that is involved with playing poker since you arenít committing chips to the pot when youíre likely not the leader.

Some of the disadvantages to this strategy is that it is much harder to capitalize on really good hands. This is because the other players know that you are only going to play with really big hands so theyíll simply fold when you start pushing them. You can counteract this by using an advertise play which you can probably read up on somewhere else on the internet.