Something Funny Happened On The Way To The Casino


On the lighter side of things, some funny things are bound to happen. Dribble a lot of humor when we go about our business for the day. It helps spice up our activities for the day and luck may come as easy as a breeze. The morning sun is shining beautifully what more can one say but “have a good day”.

What are some of the funny things that could happen on the way to the casino? Examples here could be funny or humorous. It really depends on one’s outlook.

1. A friend bumps into you and asks for some cash to bet on a game. He insists that he can pay you back as soon as his wins double. Wow, this friend is a sure optimistic player. There is no looking at his chances of losing.

2. A dealer on his way to the casino recognizes you as a good and wise player. He jokingly assures you that if he had his way he would make you win. Wishful thinking but nevertheless comforting and reassuring.

3. You park your car beside your ex-girlfriend at the casino parking area. Hmmm..Could this night be a reconciliation and with bets to win.

4. A stocky lady insists on bringing her pet poodle inside. She insists her pet will not be a nuisance. The security people are all in high gears teaching her the rules of the house. You are anxious to get to the casino area but is delayed by a pet lover. 5. You checked your wallet and find a hundred dollars missing. Where is it? Oh, you remember you chanced upon your pastor asking for donations to a cash strapped rural area devastated by a tornado. It’s not funny but it is just one of those days when you thought you had an extra money to bet on the game of roulette. Funny because of all days you did not expect a chance meeting with your pastor.

6. As you parked your car beside your ex-girlfriend and alighted from the car you closed the door and locked it to your dismay with the key inside. You had to contain your disappointment and anger. Perhaps you could hitch a ride on the way home pretending that you lost your key.

7 Your cellphone rings and you hear your son’s voice asking for a burger on your way home from the office. You say yes bearing in mind to order from the casino dining lounge.

8. You meet your boss on the elevator. Is he going to the casino hall too? Ah, yes but only to listen to the featured versatile quartet for the night.

These are some of the things or happenings that one can encounter on the way to the casino. It really varies from which direction you are coming from. Whatever they are these things should not turn counterproductive to your visit to the casino.

These are just trivial things but since some events were unexpected you could not help but be a bit rattled. Anyway all goes well. Have a nice and lucky hours at the casino. Enter now. The halls of the casino and leave all unexpected happenings. Now you concentrate on the gaming business on hand. Now things can get serious.