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In a gambling industry such as Internet gambling source of inspiration and innovation can not be so obvious to the average user of the services. Gambling Intelligence is a company that specializes in serving the business intelligence needs of the global interactive gaming gambling industry. It provides timely coverage and analysis of all the developments on the gambling industry,

GamingIntelligence.com and its sister publication GIQ Magazine is an indispensable daily tool among key decision makers in gaming operators, national supervisory authorities, the legal and financial communities and the wider medier.Gaming Intelligence is a company registered in England with a highly respected team of analysts who have resources, knowledge of online gaming, risk management, marketing, economics and law. Gaming Intelligence is also considered a leading source of independent analysis and agenda content to Casino gambling. In an effort to make these people in the online gambling industry is known for its schools and public Gaming Intelligence publishes a list called the Online Gambling's brightest stars. The annual list of the most talented, innovative and inspiring individuals working in online gambling is selected by a panel of experts includes entrepreneurs, captains of the gambling industry, regulators, technology staff lawyers. And marketers from around the world that reflect the diversity of talent that operates gambling industry on internettet.Ansvarshavende editor of Gaming Intelligence, commented, We often write about the success of companies and their executives, but the goal of the annual list is to recognize the results of all those who are shaping the future of this vibrant game industry.